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#1 2005-03-16 13:15:11

From: Reggio Calabria, Italy
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BOS linux installer

Sorry for being late smile

Here's the installer's script:

to be run from the BOS main directory
and the fasm linux executable, to be placed into the "utils" directory

It's the executable from the 1.60 package available at

The script is capable of creating a ready-to-use Bochs image or installing BOS into a floppy.
The only requirements are a kernel with loopback devices activated and mkdosfs to format the image.

Just run the ./ to use it, it's self-explanatory.

Oh, because BOS is so colorful, I added some colors to the install script, too wink


[edit by=bubach] BOS doesn't stand for bubach OS (sounds to personal) anymore.. wink [/edit]

Axel DominatoR ^^^ HC



#2 2005-03-16 15:32:09

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Re: BOS linux installer

Thanks alot..
Lets see if I can include it to the new BOS versions by myself.. wink




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