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#21 2007-02-17 20:10:03

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Re: Status

I'm reading Linus Torvalds 0.1 USB driver for Linux, written in -99. It's pretty easy to
follow, and has some funny comments:

* WARNING! The USB documentation is downright evil. Most of it
* is just crap, written by a committee. You're better off ignoring
* most of it, the important stuff is:
*  - the low-level protocol (fairly simple but lots of small details)
*  - working around the horridness of the rest

It can be found here:
It's not exactly fun to translate from C -> asm, but atleast his first source version isn't [i]that[/i] big..
usb.c and usb.h each 9kb, uhci.h 5kb, uhci.c 19kb and a driver for usb mouse about 2kb

That and a quick look on the docs may help me understand it better. I think it helps to write stuff down as
you read it, so that you'll have a nice overview written by yourself, for yourself. Now it's time for me
to do those 2 hours of coding I promised myself.. big_smile

Hows it going with your other projects?



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Re: Status

I bought a new multimeter today, so I'm gonig to set up a 3.3V suppluy for the Propeller and see how the Wine implementation likes talking over the USB dongle... If that works out, I'll be experimenting with different functions and capabilities of the device, and interfacing it to the uM-FPU V3.  (A 32-bit Floating-point coprocessorwith matrix and FFT).  That's my short-term plan.




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