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For whom?
It is meant for beginners, so almost no programing knowledge is required. Altough learning assembly as first programing language is quite hard, it is possible. You only need to know how to use the command line (command.com in DOS/win95/98, cmd in winNT/XP). Some programming knowledge is very helpful, but not nescessary.

What OS?
I decided to write tutorial for DOS, because it allows you to use whole your machine however you wish, unlike Windoze. I just want this tutorial to cover more assembly topics than Windows allows, so DOS is my only choice. Porting from DOS to windows isn't very difficult, if you already know protected mode. IczLion's tutorial covers this, and is also translated to FASM. I personally don't like starting learning assembly under Windows, because there are too many things abstracted from you.

Development status of tutorial
Tutorial is very far from being complete, but it already contains enough informations to be worth of reading for beginners and intermediates.
Currently chapter 7 is done and is being revised.

Additional articles
There are also some other articles connected with assembly and FASM included in this tutorial package.

Legal stuff
This tutorial is without any warranty (you are using it at your own risk :) ). That also means you can use it however you like, and/or do whatever you like with it. If you would like to include tutorial or some part of it in a project you are working on, or you want to translate it to some other language, or something like that, then it would be nice if you wrote me an e-mail and mention me somewhere in your work.

Translating tutorial
There were several requests for permission to translate tutorial. Of course, I gave them, but i realized that it is hard to maintain such a translation, if I edit the already-writen text, the maintainer doesn't always know about that. So I decided to create change log, inside which all changes will be logged. Log will be provided at request.
I will provide links to translated versions as soon as they are ready.

Please help me to improve this tutorial by sending all sugestions and error reports to tutorial's thread on FASM board or with email if you like.
Also, if you find that something in this tutorial isn't explained comprehensibly enough , please tell what is it, where in tutorial is it mentioned, and what you don't understand about it, so I can add it for future readers.

This tutorial was translated to HTML (from original plain-text version) by Decard. He also created a utility to convert FASM source to HTML text with syntax highlighting used for code blocks in this tutorial. There is also online version of this tutorial hosted at his site.