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#1 2005-06-07 16:53:38

From: Trollhättan, Sweden
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PM  Website

Website update

I have updated the website with some new stuff:

* New screenshots from the newest BOS version
* Upload form for docs and snippets
* New forum mod ( attachments)
* New forum version 1.2.5b
   which hopefully puts a stop to all bugfix releases of punBB.

/ Christoffer



#2 2005-06-09 00:10:16

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Re: Website update

Website looks nice.  Your website actually looks organized, and you integrated PunBB into the whole thing.  My website looks like something a bored 15 year old threw together in 20 minutes.....wait, that is what my website is :-p



#3 2005-06-15 13:31:55

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Re: Website update

Well, I agree with ProtonixDEV, your website is very well done.  I succeeded in downloading the floppy software, and, after downloading winrawrite, I was able to transfer the image file, extracted with winzip, to a blank floppy disk.
I have not yet booted the os, but plan to do so this weekend, when I have more time.  LOOKS promising.  I have not put in any effort, yet, so may be able to answer my own question if I work a little at it, but, if it is convenient to do so, construction of a comparison chart would not be inappropriate.  Perhaps I would not be the only person who wonders how BOS differs from several other choices:
DEX, SOL, MENUET, among others.  Might be instructive to prepare a little chart showing advantages/design overview.  Sounds like something I should be doing instead of asking others to do it!  Well, as time permits, I shall.  regards, tom




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