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I managed to drop my laptop and juggle with it in the air for a while, before catching it on one of my legs - breaking my USB stick in half in the process.  Had I known that the USB stick (where most of my work from the past ten years where stored) was going to break, I would gladly have stomped the laptop to death myself rather then trying to save it.

I'm now looking into alternatives.

First one obviously being trying to save the data myself. The stick itself wasn't really broken in half, more like bent, right after the connector part.  I thought that maybe it would work anyway since the actual board was only broken on the bottom half and the top part with the copper connection was intact but bent. After trying and later removing the plastic casing I noticed that the connections do not continue to run on the upper, undamaged side of the board but go down inside the board and later up on the back part.  Meaning that it had broken right where the connections go through from the top to bottom.  Had it been a millimeter to the left I'd be fine.  Now, instead, I'm screwed.

Alternatives include finding a microscope, some small tool to remove parts of the board plastic to better reveal the connectors, and a soldering iron for less then millimeter work.   Doesn't seem very likely that i will manage this on my own and unless I find somebody with the skills and equipment I have but one last chance - to find a company specializing in data recovery and cough up a small fortune for them to extract the content.

No matter what the outcome is, my new BOS release will be delayed.  Worst case scenario would be to revert back to the 0.04 verison and try to recode it from memory and what few pieces of code I have shared on this forum. That would not even be the worst of all this. I have so many other projects and homepages on there which will be lost forever unless I can fix this, so keep your fingers crossed.



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Re: FML...

Best of luck, losing data is never pleasant.




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